Missouri Theater, St. Joseph | photo, Missouri Division of Tourism

Strategic Plan

Goal 1: Engage People in Meaningful Arts Experiences


A. Communicate the impact of the arts statewide.
1. Communicate the impact of the arts to all levels of state government.
2. Establish strategic partnerships among private and public organizations.

B. Support opportunities for arts experiences.
1. Fund projects that encourage artistic creation and appreciation.
2. Support arts experiences in nontraditional venues.

C. Increase the strength and growth of the arts.
1. Develop Missouri Arts Council abilities to support organizations.
2. Strengthen the effectiveness of arts organizations and artists of all disciplines.
a. Encourage strategic partnerships.

D. Increase services to underserved communities or populations.
1. Target unfunded and underfunded districts.
2. Target potential audiences that are underserved by reason of ethnicity, geography, economics, or disability.

Goal 2: Grow Missouri’s Economy Using the Arts


A. Encourage development of arts professionals and creative industries.
1. Research the economic impact of the arts and creative industries.
2. Provide professional development for arts professionals and creative industries.
3. Promote Missouri’s art and creative industries.

B. Support communities’ growth using the arts.
1. Encourage development of arts districts.
2. Support the creation of local arts councils.
3. Promote Missouri’s Creative Communities.

C. Promote Missouri as an arts destination.
1. Encourage cultural tourism in Missouri.
2. Support arts meetings in Missouri. 

Goal 3: Strengthen Missouri Education Through the Arts


A. Strengthen the position and impact of fine arts specialists.
1. Enhance fine arts instruction in PK-12 education.
2. Support professional development of fine arts specialists.

B. Improve student achievement through arts integration.
1. Encourage arts integration in PK-12 education.
2. Network arts-integrated schools.
3. Support professional development of teachers and administrators.

C. Develop teaching artists’ skills and opportunities.
1. Enhance School Touring Qualified roster.
2. Support professional development of teaching artists.
3. Encourage universities to include teaching artistry to fine arts students.

D. Support the development of quality community arts education.
1. Encourage arts organizations to offer arts education programs.
2. Support professional development of arts organizations in arts education.
3. Network education staff of arts organizations.