Missouri Arts Organizations Pledge to COVID-19 Safe Practices

What is Missouri ArtSafe?

The Missouri Arts Council promotes COVID-19 safe practices by arts and cultural organizations statewide when the arts reopen under local guidelines. Together with the Missouri Arts Safety Alliance, a coalition of organizations throughout the state, we have created Missouri ArtSafe Certification. Organizations become certified by pledging and adhering to a core level of safe practices.

Why become Missouri ArtSafe certified?

Organizations and businesses receive these benefits:

  • Training for frontline staff and volunteers
  • Information on how to reopen safely
  • Guidance on developing a COVID-19 safety plan
  • Promotion of your efforts to create safely, present safely, and attend safely

Missouri ArtSafe Pledge*

To ensure that we may Create Safely, Present Safely, and Attend Safely, we pledge to:
Facial coverings 
Social distancing
Contactless experience
Enhanced sanitation
Training in COVID-19 safe practices
* see below for changes to the protocols of February 25, 2022

* Changes to the Protocols as of February 25, 2022

With new guidelines from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the following requirements are now in place for ArtSafe certified organizations. Your standards may exceed this level, but may not be less. The pledge will adapt as circumstances allow or require as recommended by the CDC.

If you make changes to your protocols maintain the same URL. Otherwise, the new URL will break the link on the missouriartsafe.org website.

Facial coverings
Recommendations are set by county based on COVID-19 Community Levels. Missouri has counties at every risk level. Find out what your county level is here.  Staff and front-line volunteers should be masked to reflect their increased exposure to others and to provide support for others that need to be masked.

Social distancing
Encourage social distancing. Minimize large groups and congregating where possible.

Contactless experience
Online payments and programs is recommended.

Enhanced sanitation
Provide sanitizer and clean surfaces and door handles (or keep door open) is recommended.

Changes to your COVID-19 plan
If you change or eliminate your protocols to a level that is no longer consistent with Missouri ArtSafe Certification, you may no longer use the logo or designation of Missouri ArtSafe Certified. Please contact us to remove your listing online.

Create and Present

How does an organization become certified? Start by registering to become part of the program. There is no cost for participating.

Each registered organization receives free online video training, support in developing their safe reopening plan, and certification when they pledge to meet Missouri ArtSafe standards.

An organization does not need to be a Missouri Arts Council grant recipient or a nonprofit to be included in the Missouri ArtSafe Registry.

How-to Webinars

With the support of ArtsKC and the Kranzberg Arts Foundation, the Missouri Arts Council ran a series of free webinars related to Missouri ArtSafe. Watching the webinars is not required for certification. They are designed, however, to help organizations create and implement their COVID-19 safety plans, and navigate other issues that may arise while reopening during the pandemic. The webinars feature Missouri experts in the arts, the law, human resources, and communications. Each webinar is recorded and can be viewed just by following the links below.


Missouri ArtSafe was developed to give the arts sector a way to learn about best practices in producing art for the public during the pandemic. The program provides training, universal measures, certification, and promotion.

All arts-focused organizations, businesses, artist’s studios that present, produce, or serve the arts, for-profit or nonprofit, of any size or location in Missouri (and nearby Kansas City, MO and St. Louis). This includes theaters, galleries, museums, concert halls; literary, dance, and music groups; and more.

Yes, Missouri-based for-profit businesses are eligible if they primarily present, produce, or serve the arts.

This program is designed to scale to any size of organization. It is not one-size-fits-all. However, smaller organizations may need additional help. Don’t hesitate to contact us at missouriartsafe@ltgov.mo.gov.

Both. Here’s why: If the organization and the venue are separate entities, both have responsibilities that affect COVID-19 safety. You should determine who is responsible for which measures, and both entities should seek certification. In that way, venues that serve multiple organizations will help all groups achieve certification more easily. All audiences should be assured that the venue is as serious about audience safety as the presenting organization. There will be less confusion if everyone is certified.

While Missouri ArtSafe Certification is optional, you may wish to obtain certification to ensure that your frontline staff and volunteers are trained and that your COVID-19 plan addresses all areas, and to publicly demonstrate your pledge to present safely.

Missouri Arts Council grantees are highly recommended to become Missouri ArtSafe, but it is not a requirement for funding. However, the grant application requires that you develop a plan to present your programs safely during this pandemic. Missouri ArtSafe certification satisfies this requirement.

Participation in this program is optional and is not required for reopening to audiences.

This program is optional. You may choose to use the training and information and not to seek to be certified.

There is no cost to participate.

There is no deadline to participate. We will keep this program as long as there is a need for safe COVID-19 practices.

While outdoor events may reduce the risk, they do not eliminate it. There are other factors that are important to mitigate the risks that Missouri ArtSafe training addresses. We recommend that you obtain Missouri ArtSafe Certification.

All organizations must train their staff and frontline volunteers interacting with the public in the video training provided in COVID-19 safe practices. In addition, each organization must make their plan for their COVID-19 practices available to the public on the Missouri ArtSafe website. Minimum standards include facial coverings for frontline staff and volunteers, strongly encouraged for the public. Social distancing for all. Health checks for frontline staff and volunteers. Contact tracing. Contactless experience. Reduced capacity. Enhanced sanitation of public areas, particularly high-touch surfaces. Sanitizing gel and/or hand washing stations are available to the public. Local government or health authorities may mandate stricter standards.

STL Arts Resources is a new arts information website that, though designed for the St. Louis region, contains a wealth of information applicable to artists and arts organizations anywhere. Additional resources are at Volunteer Lawyers and Accountants for the Arts’ Reopening Plan Guidance page and the Missouri Arts Council’s COVID-19 Resources page.

We ask that participating organizations include the Missouri ArtSafe graphic in online and print promotion to let audiences know. In addition, all participating organizations will be listed on the missouriartsafe.org website, with links to your own website and to your plan.

We are not recommending when you should reopen. Not all organizations will be ready to open at the same time. Different areas, different resources, and different issues will all affect when your organization can reopen. When to reopen is a decision that should be taken in consultation with community health authorities, your audiences, artists, board, staff, and volunteers. It is better to wait to reopen when you are ready than to reopen too soon.

It is important to create resources and information for reopening before most groups have the need for them. Some groups have already reopened, but many more have not. It takes time to train your frontline staff and volunteers, develop plans, and prepare to reopen. Missouri ArtSafe is not an endorsement to reopen before your community, audience, and organization are ready and prepared.

This certification is based on self-assessment. You will declare that you have trained your frontline staff, create a COVID-19 plan, and submit the pledge to be approved for certification. The plan will be evaluated to ensure that it addresses all of the universal measures. You must develop a COVID-19 plan that addresses all the universal measures to be certified. Organizations and venues may have different responses to meet the measures depending on the facility, type of art presented, and community circumstances. Organizations are not being assessed or evaluated on site.

Depending on the size of your organization, the complexity of your art presentation, and your venue, it make take weeks or months to prepare for certification. Once you have completed the requirements for submitting (training, the plan, the pledge) you will hear within 10 business days. There is no deadline for seeking certification.

No, Missouri ArtSafe Certification will not protect you in the event of litigation. However, your efforts to mitigate issues around COVID-19 will aid your legal defense.

You will be contacted by email when you have been certified. The email will send a link to the logos you may use to present your organization or venue as Missouri ArtSafe Certified. If there are questions about your submission, we will contact the person who submitted the form. You may use the logo as long as you maintain the universal measures.

You are encouraged to use this designation in any appropriate public communications—digital, print, video, and audio. When the logo is used online, it should link to missouriartsafe.org. You may also print and use the logo in your venue signage, box office, point of sale, entry, etc. In addition, the Missouri Arts Council will promote the site in order to inform audiences about the participating organizations.

For more information
If you need help or more information about the Missouri ArtSafe program, contact us at missouriartsafe@ltgov.mo.gov or 314-340-6857.

Comprehensive Lists of Varied Resources

These wide-ranging compilations of pandemic-related resource for artists and arts organizations continue to be maintained and updated.


How to find a certified organization and learn details about what they’re doing? All the organizations that have become certified in Missouri ArtSafe are listed in this table, with links to their individual COVID-19 safety plans.

Alicia SunshineEast St. Louis, ILLink
Aligned MediaSt. LouisLink
Almas Del Ritmo Dance CompanySt. LouisLink
The Alpha PlayersFlorissantLink
Art Saint LouisSt. LouisLink
The Arts Council of Southeast MissouriCape GirardeauLink
Artists First
St. LouisLink
Artisans in THE LOOP
St. LouisLink
ArtsKCKansas CityLink
Ashleyliane Dance CompanySt. LouisLink
ASL PewterSte. GenevieveLink
Bach Aria SoloistsKansas CityLink
Bach Society of St. LouisSt. LouisLink
Ballroom Dance Academy of St. Louis
St. LouisLink
The Barn PlayersKansas CityLink
Beyond Measure Dance TheaterEast St. Louis, ILLink
The Big Muddy Dance
St. LouisLink
The Big Top
St. LouisLink
The Black BoxKansas CityLink
Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center
St. LouisLink
Blue Springs City TheatreBlue SpringsLink
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
Kansas CityLink
Center Place Christian TheatreIndependenceLink
Circus HarmonySt. LouisLink
COCASt. LouisLink
Columbia Entertainment CompanyColumbiaLink
Community Music School of Webster University

St. LouisLink

Consuming Kinetics Dance CompanySt. LouisLink
Contemporary Art Museum
St. LouisLink
Craft Alliance
St. LouisLink
Dance St. LouisSt. LouisLink
Dances of IndiaSt. LouisLink
The Dark RoomSt. LouisLink
DaySpring Arts and EducationMaryland HeightsLink
St. LouisLink
Encore STL
St. LouisLink
Equally Represented ArtsSt. LouisLink
Fabb4FusedSt. LouisLink
The FactoryChesterfieldLink
First Run Theatre
St. LouisLink
Fishtank TheatreKansas CityLink
Florissant Civic Center TheatreFlorissantLink
The Focal Point
St. Louis Link
Freedom Arts & Education CenterSt. LouisLink
Gateway Festival OrchestraSt. LouisLink
The GrandelSt. LouisLink
Guild-ItKansas CityLink
Hannibal Arts CouncilHannibalLink
Hansen HouseSt. LouisLink
Harmony Project KC
Kansas City Link
Harriman-Jewell SeriesLibertyLink
The Hett
Lebanon, ILLink
High LowSt. LouisLink
IBD PromotionsBlue SpringsLink
Ignite Theatre CompanySt. LouisLink
Intersect Arts CenterSt. LouisLink
Kansas City Actors TheatreKansas CityLink
Kansas City Artists CoalitionKansas City Link
Kansas City BalletKansas CityLink
The Kansas City Boys ChoirKansas CityLink
Kansas City Friends of Alvin AileyKansas CityLink
Kansas City Public Theatre
Kansas CityLink
Kansas City SymphonyKansas CityLink
Kansas City Young Audiences

Kansas CityLink

Karlovsky & Company DanceSt. LouisLink
Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts
Kansas CityLink
KC VITAsKansas CityLink
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art
Kansas CityLink
Kode Redd DanceSt. LouisLink
The KranzbergSt. LouisLink
Kranzberg Arts Foundation
St. LouisLink
Lake Arts CouncilLake OzarkLink
Laumeier Sculpture ParkSt. LouisLink
La VoûteSt. LouisLink
Legend SingersSt. LouisLink
Leverage Dance TheaterSt. LouisLink
Liberty Symphony Orchestra
MADCOSt. LouisLink
Max & Louie ProductionsSt. LouisLink
The MarcelleSt. LouisLink
Metro Theater CompanySt. LouisLink
Metropolitan Ensemble TheatreKansas CityLink
Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of Kansas CityLibertyLink
Mid America Freedom Band

Kansas CityLink

Midnight Company
St. LouisLink
Midwest MetalsmithsSt. LouisLink
Midwest Trust CenterOverland Park, KSLink
Mineral Area Council on the Arts
Park HillsLink
Missouri Arts CouncilSt. LouisLink
Missouri Southern State University TheatreJoplinLink
The Missouri SymphonyColumbiaLink
Moonstone TheatreSt. LouisLink
Mosaics Fine Art Festival
St. CharlesLink
MTH Theater at Crown CenterKansas CityLink
Museum of Art and Archaeology
National Blues MuseumSt. Louis Link
The National Museum of Toys and MiniaturesKansas CityLink
The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Kansas CityLink
Odyssey Chamber Music SeriesColumbiaLink
O’Fallon TheatreWorks


Opera Theatre of St. LouisSt. LouisLink
Orr Street StudiosColumbiaLink
Owen/Cox Dance Group

Kansas CityLink

Ozark Actors TheatreRollaLink
Performing Arts Association St. JosephSt. JosephLink
Presser Arts CenterMexicoLink
Pro Musica


Psalm TheatricsEdwardsville, ILLink
Ragtag Cinema
The Repertory Theatre of St. LouisSt. LouisLink
RESILIENCE Dance Company
St. LouisLink
Roubidoux Resident TheaterSt. JosephLink
Saint Louis Art FairSt. LouisLink
Saint Louis Story Stitchers
St. LouisLink
Saint Louis University Dept. of Fine and Performing ArtsSt. LouisLink
St. Joseph SymphonySt. JosephLink
St. Louis Arts Chamber of Commerce

St. LouisLink
St. Louis BalletChesterfieldLink
St. Louis Brass BandSt. LouisLink
St. Louis Children’s ChoirsSt. LouisLink
St. Louis FringeSt. LouisLink
St. Louis Jewish Community CenterSt. LouisLink
St. Louis Shakespeare Festival
St. LouisLink
St. Louis Symphony OrchestraSt. LouisLink
SATE – Slightly Askew Theatre EnsembleSt. LouisLink
The Sewing LabsKansas CityLink
Sheldon Arts Foundation

St. LouisLink

Springfield Contemporary TheatreSpringfieldLink
STAGES St. LouisSt. LouisLink
Starlight TheatreKansas CityLink
Stone Hollow Studio
Strawberry SwingKansas CityLink
Stray Dog TheatreSt. LouisLink
Kansas CityLink
Summit Theatre GroupLee’s SummitLink
Te DeumKansas CityLink
Tennessee Williams Festival St. LouisSt. LouisLink
Union Avenue Christian Church, artsSt. LouisLink
Upstream TheaterSt. LouisLink
Variety TheatreMaryland HeightsLink
Viva Brasil STLSt. LouisLink

St. LouisLink

We Always Swing
Webster ArtsWebster GrovesLink
William Baker Choral Foundation
Roeland Park, KSLink
Winter OperaSt. LouisLink
WORDUP! Open MicSt. LouisLink
World Chess Hall of FameSt. LouisLink
The Writers PlaceKansas CityLink
Youth Symphony of Kansas CityKansas CityLink
.ZackSt. LouisLink

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