FEATURED ARTISTS PROGRAMJoachim Knill, “Battle Horse,” oil on panel | Cheryl Eve Acosta, Synaptic Coral Ring, gold, and Slit Bangle, copper | Andrew Batcheller, “Global Warming and the Ridiculousness of Discussing the Next Ice Age,” oil
Sukanya Mani, “The Light Illusion” (detail), paper cut Tyvek®

The Missouri Arts Council supports the arts that strengthen the cultural, educational, and economic vitality of our state.

Our Commitment to Cultural Equity

A core value of the Missouri Arts Council is to celebrate Missouri’s cultural richness and diversity. All Missourians benefit from public investments in the arts. To support a full creative life for all, the Missouri Arts Council commits to policies and practices of cultural equity that empower an inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible state.

Missouri Arts Council board, December 2018, revised June 2020