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Founded in 1983, this brilliant and versatile trumpet and organ duo presents an extraordinary range of styles, with performances featuring music spanning 400 years.  The name Clarion suggests the musical connections to both the trumpet and organ, and from its meaning for the duo as a “Clarion Call” for new ideas, in keeping with their interest in the unique flavor of new music for trumpet and organ.  The duo’s two Gothic Records releases feature works in every genre; the second CD – New Vintage, all American music commissioned by Clarion – compasses Samuel Adler’s neo-Classical “Clarion Calls” to James Mobberley’s boisterous piece for trumpet, organ and electronics “Icarus Wept” to, believe it or not, Klezmer music.  Clarion’s electric and distinctive performances have pushed the envelope of the centuries-old association of trumpet and organ – the duo believes if the classics are the heartbeat of music, outstanding new works must be the lifeblood itself.

Contact Info
Contact Name: Dr. Keith Benjamin
UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance, 126 Grant Hall, Kansas City 64110
Phone: 816-235-2904
Performance Fee Range: $1000-$2500
Technical Requirements:

Performance space with a pipe organ and two music stands.

Availability: Year round
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