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Afriky Lolo, founded and led by Diádié Bathily, is a West African dance non-profit corporation that is committed to bringing West African dance and culture to the St. Louis, Missouri, community through teaching and performing. Diádié Bathily formed Afriky Lolo in 2003, and became a tax-exempt, non-profit corporation in 2007. The Company has 75 dancers — ranging in age from 6 to over 60 and 8 drummers. Afriky Lolo, meaning African Star, performs traditional West African dance at community events throughout the year. The Company’s annual performance is its largest event.

Afriky Lolo performances are choreographed, staged, costumed and directed by Diádié Bathily. These performances reflect the rich culture of West Africa, and each dance performed by Afriky Lolo is enhanced by traditional West African costumes.

Afriky Lolo continues to grow its public recognition, its teaching opportunities and its performance opportunities.

Contact Info
Contact Name: Diadie Bathily
P.O. Box 8756, St. Louis 63101
Phone: 314-504-5580
Performance Fee Range: $600 - $15000
Technical Requirements:

A safe space to dance barefoot, microphone, private dressing area, need at least an hour in advance to set up and prepare.

Availability: Year Round
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