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Wind & Fire features Mark Holland, one of the USA's most innovative Native American and world flute performers, with world percussionist extraordinaire N. Scott Robinson. Together their masterful concert performances have astounded audiences across the USA. Wind & Fire has both family/adult concert programs available to theater presenters and young audience assembly programs for schools. In concert they focus on original music that draws from the unique cultural context of America in blending various musics and traditions in an expressive and engaging concert involving flute and percussion instruments from Native America, South America, India, the Middle East, and Africa. For assembly programs their interactive World View program shows students how America has a unique cultural context by examining various music and cultures present in the USA and how blending them is an expression of what it means to be "American."

Contact Info
Contact Name: Mark Holland
2632 Bremerton Rd, Brentwood 63144
Phone: 314-963-1782
Performance Fee Range: $1000 per show
Availability: Year-round
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