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Step right up folks, for an engaging bit of Americana, ideal for audiences of all ages. Professor Farquar and Polecat Annie set entertainment back more than a century. Unlike the snake oil hucksters of the past, they peddle no elixirs or patent pills. Instead, they dispense copious amounts of laughter, the best medicine of all. With guitar, banjo and an odd collection of percussive instruments, they perform timeless toe-tapping traditional tunes, lyrical laments and droll ditties from the Civil War, the Ozarks and the Old West. Astonishing demonstrations of illusion, chicanery, hoodwinking and flimlam. Hands-on instruction in juggling and archaic amusements. Vibrant, vintage vaudeville virtousity!

Contact Info
Contact Name: Sanford D. (Sandy) Lee
PO Box 613, Concordia 64020
Phone: 660-463-4010
Performance Fee Range: $400 for a single show. $1,750 for weekend festivals (three shows a day)
Technical Requirements:

Prefer 60 minutes for set up and sound check. If we're sharing a stage with other acts, we can do it in less than ten minutes. Need an 8' x 12' stage or performance area. Require three microphones with stands (or we can provide our own system). Gaily festooned medicine show wagon available as a stage set (optional).

Availability: Year-round
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