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Preston Tonepahote is a multi-talented Kiowa storyteller, orator, and traditional dancer. As a solo storyteller, he shares Native American animal tales, creation myths, and legends along with historic accounts and personal experiences. As a member of the intertribal Eagle Talon Brotherhood, Tonepahote introduces dancers and drummers from a number of tribal backgrounds. Select from a solo performance, small group presentation, or large group dance including 20 dancers and a drum. Tonepahote and the Eagle Talon Brotherhood perform at festivals, evening concerts, and schools. With the goal of enhancing cultural awareness, Preston Tonepahote shares his knowledge of Native American traditions in a number of formats.

Contact Info
Contact Name: Preston Tonepahote
10032 Highway N, Orrick 64077
Phone: 816-470-2067
Performance Fee Range: $350-$2500
Availability: Year-round. Weekends or holidays preferred for full group; more flexible in the summer. As solo storyteller, he can do weekday school presentations.
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