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Martin City, Jr., has a variety of original interactive musicals for children. Each musical revolves around an important theme for children, such as self-esteem, tolerance, and respect for peers. Martin City, Jr., uses originial source material such as Native American legends, folk tales from different cultures, and oral histories to create its stage stories. Martin City, Jr., writes original songs for all of its shows to highlight the educational content of each performance in an entertaining and engaging way.

Contact Info
Contact Name: Jeanne Beechwood
3808 E 98th Terr, Kansas City 64137-1112
Phone: 913-642-7576
Performance Fee Range: $289-$3000
Technical Requirements:

If outdoors, speakers and cordless mics, a 12'x12' performing area, and 30 minutes to set-up or strike.

Availability: Year-round
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