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Leroy and Dewayne Williams combine otherworldly vocal talent with virtuoso musicianship to create revolutionary music, free from the limitations imposed by genre. The music of this father and son duo fuses gospel lyrics with the raw and aggressive sound of funk, the intriguing virtuosity of jazz, the high energy of rock and roll, and even the beauty and majesty of classical. Not afraid to employ the latest technology, they use synthesizers, electronic drums, and even digital guitars in creative and musically interesting ways that captivate the audience, both with impressive sound quality, and with the true musicianship that comes with decades of performing.

Contact Info
Contact Name: Leroy and Dewayne Williams
2137 Autumn Road, Poplar Bluff 63901-2702
Phone: (573) 718-7203 (day)
Phone 2: (573) 714-9548 (eve)
Performance Fee Range: $1050-$10000
Technical Requirements:

Electrical outlets. May require PA with 16 mixer channels, speakers, power amps, monitors depending on the venue. Two-hour set up.

Availability: Year-round
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