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Groovethang is a seven-piece band that has become known for their "faithful reproduction" of the hits of some of music's most popular groups. Artist such as Steely Dan, Earth, Wind and Fire, The Doobie Brothers, Chicago, All Green and the Bee Gee's are all the basis of themed shows that Groovethang can perform impeccably. The band consists of vocals, percussion, trombone, bass guitar, sax, keyboard, drums and lead guitar. Groovethang plays everything from dance and pop, to soul and variety. Groovethang gets you dancin' in the streets, out of your seats and wall-to-wall on the dance floor.

Contact Info
Contact Name: Jodie Gilbert
8008 Carondelet Ave, Suite 301, St. Louis MO 63105
Phone: 314-421-9400
Performance Fee Range: $4000 to $10000
Technical Requirements:

1-1/2 hours to load in and check

Availability: Year-round
Categories List:

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