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Violet Vonder Haar

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Violet Vonder Haar believes in music. She was born on the banks of Splice Creek nestled in the river hills near the tiny Missouri River town of Lupus (pop. 29). Nurtured in the thriving folk community of Central Missouri, she has been performing for area audiences since she was tall enough to reach a mic. As a child, she was inspired to influence people to environmental causes through song, and over the years she has lent her voice to churches, benefits, peace rallies, and any venue to make a better world. Violet has always written her own music and released her debut album “Shades Of Violet” at the age of 16. In 2009 she was voted “Best Female Solo Musician” by Inside Columbia Magazine. True to her cause, in 2010 she earned a degree in music education at Central Methodist University. She is currently spreading the word of the power of music to the next generation of musicians teaching music at area public and private elementary and middle schools. With college behind her and a new focus on her musical career, she released a 3 song EP of whimsical audience favorites called “V-Sides and Rarities” in February 2011 which helped fund her newest full length album, “The Way Home”, which features the best of her work from the considerable songbook she has amassed in the last 6 years. During the recording process of "The Way Home", Vonder Haar formed the group "Violet and the Undercurrents", an all female band that performs Violet’s originals. Most recently, she also began a folk/Americana collaboration project with her sister Tara Vonder Haar, and Phylshawn Johnson (drummer for Violet and the Undercurrents) called Zorya. Zorya consists of all stringed instruments including, but not limited to guitar, baritone guitar, mandolin, ukelele, fiddle, and bass. Violet Vonder Haar and Phylshawn Johnson have formed a close music partnership and have most recently created Holey Acres Studio, where they both record and mix their music. Both Vonder Haar and Johnson believe in the DIY aspect to art and having their own studio has given them a chance to have full control of the music they record. Holey Acres Studio will be releasing one full length self-titled Zorya album and a 6 song solo EP titled “Good Morning. I Love You.” in February 2013. Whether playing in a quiet coffeehouse on a Friday, wowing the rockers in a Pink Floyd cover band on Saturday, inspiring the congregation on Sunday morning or teaching fifth-graders to write folk songs about bugs on Monday, Violet lives for the music. As her audience continues to grow, she proves herself to be a versatile and talented presence in the Midwest music scene.

Contact Info
Contact Name: Violet Vonder Haar
57653 Ridget Rd, Woolridge, MO 65287
Phone: 573-881-6520
Performance Fee Range: $300-$2,000
Technical Requirements:

1-3 vocal mics, 1-3 direct inputs, 1-3 drum mics.

Availability: Year-round
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