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Thad Fiscella

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Many people describe Thad’s award winning music as inspiring instrumental music from the heart that is simple, peaceful and passionate; music that fits your life. Originally from Ottumwa Iowa, Thad currently lives in Missouri, and is married with three beautiful children. He has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Degree in Music. Thad has been writing and composing music from an early age and grew up listening and studying classical music which typically resounds in some way in his music. Thad studied piano, violin, guitar, trumpet, and percussion throughout his school years, and is currently focused on the piano and digital instruments. He is also a dedicated youth pastor and worship leader whose passion is to serve the Lord. He currently has five CDs released which include “Grand Design,” “Vast,” “Love Without Words,” “The Road Home,” and “Impromptus, Vol. 1.” Thad's music is inspired by his life, family, and relationship with the Lord, and is intended for background music, or for times of meditation and relaxation. His music has been played all over the world in daycares, spas, retail stores, and business offices, during art shows, dinner parties, banquets, and weddings. Thad’s music has been reviewed by Mainly Piano Publications and described as “music that blends a wealth of experience with deep emotion, creating a distinctive sound that is accessible to all yet complex enough for a more discerning ear, “very calming and uplifting”, “deeply emotional musical soliloquy where only heartfelt truths are spoken – stunning”! “Vast” was rated one of the best CDs for relaxation of 2009. In 2006 Thad joined Whisperings Solo Piano Radio which has been rated the #1 radio station on the Internet for solo piano, and also includes legendary piano artists David Lanz, Robin Spielberg, Suzanne Ciani, David Nevue, Wayne Gratz, and Michael Dulin, and has since joined Radio, Pandora Radio, Radio, GotRadio, and Enlightened Piano Radio. In 2009, Thad won Best Music for Animation at the Swan Lake Moving Images and Music Awards for his song “Gentle Whisper” off the album “Vast,” and was nominated again in 2010 for his song “Forever (The Proposal).” In 2011 Thad joined Hobby Lobby’s Audio Ambience Series, making his music readily available for purchase in over 40 states and 500 stores nationwide! More recently Thad’s newest album “The Road Home,” was nominated for Whisperings Solo Piano Album of the Year 2012, was selected as a album of the year 2012, and his song “First Dance” off of the same album was nominated for a Hollywood Music and Media Award. Thad’s song “Beauty of Grace” from the album “The Road Home” was also nominated in 2013 for a Hollywood Music and Media Award. For professional award winning instrumental music look no further than the music of Thad Fiscella.

Contact Info
Contact Name: Thad Fiscella
4509 West Ely Rd, Hannibal, MO 63401
Phone: 573-822-5260
Performance Fee Range: $250-$650
Technical Requirements:

A well tuned, well working piano is preferred for concerts. Good quality full weighted keyboards with sustain may work for smaller engagements or for background music. I can provide a great portable keyboard for smaller venues, but would require amplification in larger venues.

Availability: Year-round
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