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Grupo Atlántico is an ensemble of folk dancers whose purpose is to share the rich tri-ethnic heritage (African, Indian and Spanish roots) of the Caribbean and coastal regions of Colombia, South America. Select from solo presentations, group performances or educational workshops. All these programs include examples of different music, rhythms and percussive instruments. The symbolism of costumes, dance steps and body movements are explained in cultural and ceremonial contexts, with the use of live music, posters, slides, and videotapes. These joyous, earthy dance traditions of Latin America offer exciting glimpses of authentic Colombian Carnival, Native American customs, African and Spanish artistic influences in the New World.

Contact Info
Contact Name: Carmen Sofia Dence
1111 Dunston Drive, St Louis, MO 63146
Phone: 314-813-0325
Performance Fee Range: $350-$3,600
Technical Requirements:

Will be provided according to kind of program requested.

Availability: Year Round
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