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The Farnum Family consists of six children with mom & dad, all performing and/or promoting American & European-originated folk music from the early 1800's thru mid-1900's. With influence gleaned from bluegrass, folk, gospel, Irish, old-time standards, and cowboy & western, their diverse blend of music is styled in a quasi-traditional string-band fashion – with 5-string banjo, fiddle, guitar, mandolin and upright bass, supported by piano, pennywhistle, with occasional harmonica and percussive washboard. Their homespun and entertaining presentations include appropriate academic dialogue & instrumental demonstration to captivate audiences, young & old. A special feature is their award-winning daughter who plays Irish, Texas swing & old-time fiddle styles. As a traveling home-school family band, they have been featured at the Buffalo Bill Cody Stampede Rodeo, International Washboard Festival, Ozark Folk Center, Silver Dollar City and many other venues through 17 states. They are available for corporate event, theater concert, church service or event, county/state fair or school assembly.

Contact Info
Contact Name: Norm Farnum
PO Box 355, Galena, MO 65656-0355
Phone: 417-337-3432
Performance Fee Range: $500 to $3,500
Technical Requirements:

For large concert environments: 8 vocal mics (or 6 vocal and 2 instrumental), acoustic piano (or direct box for electric), direct box (or mic) for upright bass. For small venues, power source (for artist-provided system). Pure bottled water...and dark chocolate!

Availability: Year-round
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