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Arx duo is a percussion duo focused on the creation and presenting of music to audiences in an engaging way. Rarely is there a performance when we don’t involve the audience or invite them to try a little of what we do, or simply connect with them through conversation.

Their music ranges from transcriptions of older music, envisioned in a new way for our instrument, to new music which can emulate nature, imitate breathing or a heartbeat, or focus on a sound in an extended meditative way.

We have had residencies in Great Britain and the US, and performed for audiences all over the world including in Japan, Africa, and Great Britain. We tour the US performing at venues from stages to galleries, and engaging with communities everywhere.

Contact Info
Contact Name: Mr Garrett Arney
4112 McGee Street, Unit 1, Kansas City 64111
Phone: (517) 6529186
Performance Fee Range: $1500-$2500
Technical Requirements:

60 minutes set up time at least with assistance. Our gear can be heavy depending on our programming, though we are adjustable based on the space. Preferable 1st floor or elevator, but with help anything is possible.

Occasionally audio equipment (speakers for electronic addition to the music) may be used, though we are flexible per venue. Most of our music is acoustic

Availability: Year round
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