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A 1-man musical/ stage play that dives into the UFO taboo heads-first. Actor/ singer Alan Ox portrays 6 actual military men coming forward with their accounts of what happened behind closed doors when 'visitors' came to call. With tunes ranging from the tin pan alley 'Call On The British' to the driving 'Radar Don't Lie' the stories move as quickly as the onstage costume changes- and in the end, the audience is left to ponder the revelations that could change one's world-view. From one playgoer: "I'm NOT nuts.  This play has to be seen by everyone. I loved every aspect of it."

Contact Info
Contact Name: Alan Ox
6226 Rosebury Ave #1, Saint Louis 63105
Phone: (314) 314-720-4500
Performance Fee Range: $1800 - $5000
Technical Requirements:

Digital Projection system & rear screen preferred. Computer HDMI interface capability. - Assorted, basic theatrical stage lighting. Adequate stereo audio system. Basic stage props.

Availability: Year round
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