Union Station, Kansas City | photoDave Herholz, St. Louis / CC BY-SA 2.0

50th Anniversary Time Capsule

1965/66 – 2015/16

In June 2066, when the Missouri Arts Council completes its 100th fiscal year, there will be a Grand Opening. We will break the seal on the time capsule we are now creating to cover our first 50 years. We want arts organizations, artists, and arts lovers all over Missouri to be part of it.

Our goal is to represent the life of the arts in Missouri from 2015-16 back to 1965. On June 30 of that year, Governor Warren E. Hearnes signed House Bill No. 42 of the 73rd General Assembly and thus established a statutory, funded agency of the state to support the arts.

The board and executive director of the new Council met together for the first time on September 14, 1965. Operations began on October 13 with an eight-month budget of $170,000 that included support for 300 arts programs in 100 communities. Throughout the Council’s first fiscal year of 1965-66, the board and executive director met frequently to administer the grants and lay the groundwork for policies, procedures, and logistics.

What to contribute

We are looking for historical and current documents, publications, photographs, videos, electronic media, and artifacts. We would also love to have oral history interviews and your specific messages to the future – such as a letter or a video session with friends. Other than anything liquid, potentially damaging, or very large in size, our only limit is your imagination.

How to give items

You can make arrangements for giving an item by contacting Barbara MacRobie, public information coordinator, at 314-340-6852 and barbara.macrobie@ded.mo.gov.

For any item, please fill out this contribution form. Along with your name and other contact information, we are asking for the special stories behind the artifacts. (If you need more room to tell your story than what is given on the form, please do not hesitate to add a page.)

Ideas for Possible Contributions (Other Ideas Welcome)

  • Newspaper front pages with major headlines; year-in-review issues of magazines or newspapers
  • Weekly newsmagazine (Time, Newsweek, etc.)
  • Favorite arts publication
  • Ticket stubs, programs (concerts, movies, etc.)
  • List of stage directions
  • Choreography notation
  • Musical composition
  • Artist’s statement
  • Novels and stories, text-only or graphic
  • Non-fiction works about Missouri arts
  • Visual artworks, 2D and small 3D
  • List of popular expressions (slang)
  • Arts swag (T-shirt, mug)
  • Arts tools (conductor’s baton, painter’s brush)
  • Organizational chart
  • Seating plan of a theater
  • Arts blog or podcast
  • Menu from an arts fundraiser
  • Items from art jobs (business card, etc.)
Photographs, CD or DVD (use archival gold)
  • Performances
  • Tour of a performance center, gallery, museum, artist’s studio, etc.
  • Tour of an artist’s daily life (any discipline)
  • Predictions for the Future session with friends in front of the camera
  • Oral history interviews
  • From TV: popular or favorite shows, year-in-review specials, arts events, music videos, awards programs
  • Radio programming
  • Missouri-produced animation and live-action films