State vendor system for payment of grants

To receive payment of MAC award, all Missouri Arts Council grant recipients must be:

  1. Registered with the State of Missouri as a vendor with current address and banking information; and
  2. NEW THIS YEAR: Signed up to receive Electronic Funds Transfer (rather than paper check).

Vendor Services Portal

All grant recipients registered as a vendor can access their payment history and sign up for email notification from the Vendor Services Portal. This website is separate from the MAC grant system. To access your organization’s record:

  • Go to Vendor Services Portal.
  • Click on Vendor Payment.
  • Login with the organization’s FEIN.
  • Click Email Notification Signup in the left-side column to sign up for alerts when the state issues payment by EFT on the Missouri Arts Council invoice. Then add to address book and email system’s Safe Sender List. You can sign up as many people as you wish. Click Update Email Information to change your email address.
  • To search for past payments, click Date/Location to access the street address(es) on record and then search using Dollar Amount or Date/Location. Don’t use Invoice Number or Check/EFT Number (these numbers are created internally by MAC and the state).

Register and Update Vendor Record through MissouriBUYS

MissouriBUYS is the state’s new statewide eProcurement system.

  • New grant recipients and grantees that have not received payment from the State of Missouri for 22 months must register through MissouriBUYS and sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer.
  • Organizations that must update their vendor record must register through MissouriBUYS. The vendor record must be updated under the following circumstances:
  • NEW THIS YEAR: Electronic Funds Transfer: All MAC grant recipients must be signed up to receive MAC payment by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) instead of paper check.
  • Bank Account: Your organization has changed banks or banking accounts.
  • Mailing Address: Your organization has moved or changed its mailing address.

If you are uncertain if you need to register through MissouriBUYS, contact the appropriate Program Specialist or Grants Manager.

Registration Checklist

Gather the following information before you start the online registration. Double-check that Items #1-4 match the Internal Revenue Service’s online records, including 990 Tax Return. Inconsistent names, mailing address, and FEIN will delay the registration process and payment of your MAC Invoice.

  1. Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). You can find this in your organization’s profile in the Missouri Arts Council’s grant system.
  2. Legal name of o This must match the name on the W-9 (see below) AND it must match the legal name that you use with the Missouri Arts Council.
  3. Mailing address for your organization.
  4. Internal Revenue Service W-9 Form (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification) that has been completed, signed, and scanned as PDF file. Instructions are provided below. Sample W-9 is available.
  • Line 1. Name – Enter the Legal Name of Organization. This should match #2 item listed above.
  • Line 4. Exemptions
  • Exempt Payee Code – Enter “1”
  • Exempt from FATCA Reporting Code – Leave Blank
  • Line 5. Address and Line 6. City, State and ZIP Code – Enter Mailing Address
  • Part I: Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) – Enter the Employer Identification Number with the organization’s FEIN.
  • Print form
  • Part II: Certification – Sign and Date
  • Scan the completed and signed form. Save the file as a PDF. You will upload this form during the MissouriBUYS registration process.
  • Do not send this form to the IRS.
  1. Banking Information for Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH-EFT).
  • Name of Financial Institution
  • Address of Financial Institution
  • Depositor Routing Number
  • Depositor Account Number
  • Name on Account
  • Type of Account (Checking or Savings)
  1. Contact person’s name, phone, and email address.
  2. User Name and Password. It is very important that you save this information in your Missouri Arts Council grant file.
  • User Name – It is recommended to use the contact person’s first initial and last name. For example, jsmith for John Smith. Prepare and write down several options since the User Name must be unique in the MissouriBUYS system.
  • Password – This must be at least 8 characters in length with a mix of upper-case letters, lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters. The Password cannot contain the User Name or the word “password”.



Registering in MissouriBUYS

Now using the information you collected, complete the online registration form. The red * fields are required. To navigate the form, click Next in the bottom right corner of the screen. Sample registration form is available.

  • Go to
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen to start the process.
  • General Disclaimer: Check Yes, I agree.
  • Enter the Organization Information
  • Country – United States
  • This office is – Select Parent/Holding Company
  • Enter FEIN (Do Not enter Social Security Number)
  • Enter Legal Name of Organization and Mailing Address. Reminder: The legal name must match the legal name that you use with the Missouri Arts Council AND the name on the W-9.
  • Type of Business – Select Other: Federal Tax Exempt/Non Profit
  • Internal Revenue Service W-9 Form and ACH-EFT Payment Information
  • Would you like to provide the information now or later – Select Now
  • Click Add Files button to upload the completed and signed W-9 Form
  • Complete ACH-EFT Payment Information
  • Verification of Accurate Information – Check box
  • Authorization of Credit – Check box
  • Missouri Counties/Regions Served – Select Later. (not required.)
  • Diversity/Disadvantaged Business Classifications – Select Later. (not required.)
  • Would you like your company to be included on the State of Missouri’s 24 hour Emergency Vendor List – Select No
  • Organization Contact Information. It is very important that you save this information in your Missouri Arts Council grant file.
  • User Name. Enter the name that you have prepared.
    An error message will be displayed next to field in red if the User Name is not unique. If this happens, use one of the alternative names that you have created.
  • Password – You will enter the password twice to ensure accuracy.
  • Organization Payment Information – This screen is populated. Do Not Change.
  • Select Commodity/Service Codes. Scroll to the bottom of list and select Unknown (00000000).
  • Press Process My Registration button at the bottom of the screen.
    A Registration Confirmation will display on the screen and you will receive an email confirming submission of your vendor registration.
  • Next Step: After submission, the state will review the ‘pending’ registration. Processing time varies from 2 to 4 weeks.
  • If approved, your organization will receive a confirmation email about the ‘approved’ status from
  • If there are any problems, your organization will receive an email from the State Office of Administration ( with subject line such as “MissouriBUYS Action Required for Supplier ID” or “Second Request-Action Required for MissouriBUYS Supplier ID”.



Registering in MissouriBUYS (continued)

  • Additional Notes:
  • It is your organization’s responsibility to keep the information in MissouriBUYS accurate. After your registration is approved, you will be able to log in to MissouriBUYS and edit your vendor profile/account using the following instructions:
    • Login MissouriBUYS using the saved Username and Password.
    • Select the User Menu dropdown (located on your name at top right corner).
    • Select the My Account The Profile Administration page will display.
    • Select the Edit Main Org Info option from the menu tree on the left and the Main Information page will display.
    • On the Main Information page, you can view all of your organization’s contact information and make updates. Enter any updated or additional information regarding in the desired field, for example, Contacts, ACH Information, and Users.
      • The red * fields are required.
      • Please notify Missouri Arts Council if you are changing bank or mailing address.
      • Please note that there is a 10-business day processing period for changing Bank/ACH Information.
    • ATTENTION: Changing your main address on the Main Organization Information screen will not automatically change the address where your payments are received. You must also update your Remittance Address. To update, select Edit Contacts in the menu tree and scroll down to the Remittance Contact Information Update the information and click Save.
    • You may receive emails that refer to your organization as a certified bidder for the State of Missouri. As a Missouri Arts Council grant recipient, ignore the bidder information.
    • If you forget your password or username, click on the “Forgot Password?” link on the MissouriBUYS login page.
      • For lost password, enter the Username and click the Submit button.
      • For lost username, click on the “Don’t know your username?” link, enter the email address you entered during registration and click the Submit button.
      • If these instructions don’t work, contact Missouri Office of Administration Accounting Department at 573-751-2971 or