Letter to Governor and State legislators for Arts Education, sample

For Arts Education, Big Yellow School Bus, or School Touring Program grants
(Use School District Letterhead)

September 1, 20XX

The Honorable Jane Q. Public
House/Senate Post Office
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Dear Representative/Senator:

[This paragraph should tell about the grant and how the money will be used.]
The Missouri Arts Council (MAC) recently awarded an Arts Education (or Big Yellow School Bus, or School Touring Program) grant, in the amount of $XXX, to the St. Joseph School District. The money will pay transportation costs for 200 third- to fifth-grade students from Parkway Elementary School to go on a field trip to the Missouri Theater. They will attend a performance of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang that is being produced by Robidoux Resident Theater.

[This paragraph should explain why the grant is helpful and how it supports student achievement.]
For several years we have been working with restricted budgets and for this reason it is becoming very difficult to include field trips for our students. We will tie the performance in with our curriculum in two ways. First, during the weeks before the play our teachers will explore the idea of actors playing the role of different characters in order to tell a story. Secondly, we will discuss and practice proper etiquette when viewing a live performance.

Using Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education data, a recent study (the 2015 follow-up to the original study conducted in 2010) found statistically significant correlations to higher attendance rates, fewer disciplinary infractions, and higher standardized test scores in schools with strong arts programs. (See Arts Education STILL Makes a Difference in Missouri Schools, missouriartscouncil.org/education/#study.)

Your support of the Missouri Arts Council will make this experience possible for our students.
Since the Council’s inception in 1965, the Missouri state legislature has appropriated general revenue dollars for MAC to grant to organizations in Missouri for their arts programming.

Please continue to strengthen education through the arts by supporting the Missouri Arts Council.

Sincerely yours,

John Doe
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