High-quality professional development standards for Arts Education Professional Development Grants

All children deserve to be taught by highly qualified teachers, and all teachers deserve the opportunity to be involved in high quality professional development.

The following criteria can be used to identify high-quality professional development:
 Actively engages teachers, over time
 Is directly linked to improved student learning so that all children may meet the Show-Me Standards at the proficient level
 Is directly linked to district and building school improvement plans
 Is developed with extensive participation of teachers, parents, principals, and other administrators
 Provides time and other resources for learning, practice, and follow-up
 Is supported by district and building leadership
 Provides teachers with the opportunity to give the district feedback on the effectiveness of participation in this professional development activity

Some types of activities that might be considered high-quality professional development if they meet the above requirements are:
 Study groups
 Grade-level collaboration and work
 Content-area collaboration and work
 Specialization-area collaboration and work
 Action research and sharing of findings
 Modeling
 Peer coaching
 Vertical teaming

Topics for high-quality professional development may include:
 Content knowledge related to standards and classroom instruction
 Instructional strategies related to content being taught in the classroom
 Improving classroom management skills
 A combination of content knowledge and content-specific teaching skills
 The integration of academic and vocational education
 Research-based instructional strategies
 Strategies to assist teachers in providing instruction to children with limited English proficiency to improve their language and academic skills
 Instruction in methods of teaching children with special needs
 Instruction in the use of data to inform classroom practice
 Instruction in linking secondary and post-secondary education
 Involving families and other stakeholders in improving the learning of all students
 Strategies for integrating technology into instruction
 Research and strategies for the education and care of preschool children