Grant requirements checklist

All MAC grant recipients must fulfill certain requirements. See pages 1-15 of the FY20 Guide to Grants. Nearly all forms are available through the online grant system. The FY20 Invoice form and state vendor information are available on the MAC website.

All grant communications will be conducted through the online grant system. Grant recipients will receive emails Contact your Program Specialist with questions.

          MAC Grant Requirement

  Notes and Deadlines




Notify the Governor and your State Legislators of your MAC grant award. Then upload copies of the letters with the Interim Report (Annual grants) or Final Report (Express grants.)

Deadline: Upon receipt of your award notification letter.

Find your elected officials with Legislator LookUp. Sample documents available here.


Annual Grants: Complete the Interim Report online.

Then wait for Program Specialist to review. After approval, Grant Agreement will be available online.

Deadline: September 9, 2019, by 11:59 p.m.


NEW PROCESS: Grant Change Request.
Use Notes in online grant system to inform MAC of all changes (contact information, program, legal name, authorizing official, and released funds).

Deadline: As needed, but before proposed change(s).

See instructions for details.


Recognize MAC support on printed materials and your website with MAC logo and required credit line.  


Recognize NEA federal support if necessary. See Paragraph 10 of Grant Agreement

For details and MAC logo, go to
Crediting MAC Support.


For details and NEA logo, go to

Crediting NEA Support.


Signed Grant Agreement. A proper authorizing official must sign name and title.

Annual Grants: This will be available after Program Specialist approves the Interim Report.

Deadline: 30 days from date MAC emailed.

Emailed Date: _______________________

Due Date: __________________________





If your MAC award is over $5,000:

§ New Grantees: (1) Signed and notarized Certification and (2) Entire copy of E-Verify Memorandum of Understanding.

§ Grantees that Received Funding in FY2019:
Signed and notarized Certification.


You must invoice for up to 100% of your MAC award as soon as you are eligible. Invoices may be 100% paid before the Final Report is submitted.

Exception: Established Institutions and Mid-Sized Arts Organizations grants contact your Program Specialist.

Deadline: After spending the award and matching funds. In addition, must have signed Grant Agreement online, and, if required,        E-Verify documentation on file with MAC.

For details, see Invoice form.


Submit Final Report, Project Locations, and
other required attachments online.

Deadline: 30 days after project end date
or July 20, 2020, whichever occurs first

Project End Date: _____________________

Due Date: ____________________________