General application scoring guide

Select the score that best reflects the applicant overall in each criteria. Assume that the applicant should get a 10 and then reduce the score as you see fit if the applicant does not meet all of the criteria. The applicant does not need to achieve every item in the category, score them where they predominantly fit. If the applicant does not achieve an acceptable level, you may score them less than six. Applicants with a total average score of less than six are not funded and may not apply for other funding in that fiscal year. Scores should be proportional (i.e., a one score in a category indicates the applicant achieved zero criteria. Do not compare applicants to each other, only against the criteria.














Artistic accomplishment

Artistic quality is uniformly high quality and shows significant creativity or originality. May have regional or national reputation.

Artistic quality is better than good and shows clear originality or creativity and challenges the audience. Has strong artistic personnel.

Artistic quality is good and shows some creativity or originality in concept or execution. Qualified artistic personnel.

Artistic quality is adequate with minimal creativity. Minimal educational program.







Community Need

Applicant is part of the community fabric, an institution. Addresses significant community need. Strong outreach to underserved audiences and promotes  accessibility. Provides significant educational opportunities for the community.

Strong community need is identified, involves community in planning and evaluation, multiple strong accessibility accommodations, significant attention to underserved audiences. Educational program is integral to the program.

Community is significantly involved, makes effort to reach underserved audiences, offers good accessibility accommodations, strong community support. Good quality education is provided in a specific form..

Community involvement is minimal or superficial, outreach to new audiences is weak, basic accessibility provided, some community support. Minimal educational program.

Community Support





Project Experience

Strong management with years of experience in this project. Long term planning. Long history of financial stability and audits. Diverse sources of financial support. Good record with MAC grant management.

High quality of management. History of financial stability. Strong financial support. Clear alignment with organization mission. Evidence of planning. Good record with MAC grant management.

Clear, accurate, and complete application. Experienced management. Financial stability. History of MAC funding. Good record with MAC grant management.

Adequate management, feasible budget, and complete application. Addresses any financial issues. Good record with MAC grant management.


Application Quality

MAC Grant Management*


*if applicable