Draft review checklist

 Missouri-based (incorporated in Missouri; foreign incorporations are not eligible).
 Tax-exempt organization.
 DUNS number is included in profile.
 All programs take place between July 1 and June 30 of the funded fiscal year.
 Program locations to be funded are in Missouri.

 Budget items should be supported in the narrative.
 Clearly written. Narrative should answer questions and not raise questions or concern.

 Includes an adequate amount of matching dollars.
 Does not include in-kind costs in the budget.
 Request is no more than 50% of total budget.
 Any expenses noted in the narrative are present in the budget.
 Budget Detail explains how you arrived at the budget numbers.
 Does not include negotiated rates that will be reduced after funding.
 If unallowed expenses are included in the budget or narrative, then there’s a notation that MAC money will not be used to pay for them.
 Personnel is regularly paid staff, all others are outside expenses.

 All attachments are an accepted file type.
 Includes all required attachments (board list, financial statement, bios, etc.).
 Board list should be on a spreadsheet, identify officers, provide contact information, and term limits for all members.
 If the financial statement indicates there is a deficit, address that in the application.
 Required information in the financial statement includes statement of assets and liabilities, fund balance, revenues and expenses, accounting type (cash or accrual), and dates.
 Financial statement matches figures in application questions.

Authorization & Submit
 Signed by authorized official

Remember: Easy to read and easy to understand is easy to fund.