Neonscapes, interactive sculpture by Russ RuBert, Springfield | 2007 Individual Artist

Tips for a Great Nomination

Anyone can submit a nomination for an artist, arts educator, leader, organization, philanthropist, and creative community for the annual Missouri Arts Awards. People can nominate themselves or their own group. Creating a compelling case is not difficult. Here are how-to tips from Virginia Sanders, our Missouri Arts Awards coordinator.

Tell real stories, not just list statistics. “How has your nominee had a lasting effect on someone’s life? How has it helped your community?”

Small is beautiful. “A small organization, an artist from a small town, an event on a small scale may be having a large impact. A nominee doesn’t have to be big, just worthy.”

Go beyond dignitaries for your letters of support. “It’s great to have your legislator, but letters from everyday people who have benefited are powerful, too.”

Be succinct. The maximum length for your narrative is two pages. For support materials, the limit is 14 pages. “For an organization, the narrative should include a clearly written history and stories of how helpful the organization has been.”

Check your nuts and bolts. “Go back over your application to make sure all your links actually open.”

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t win this year—come back next year. “Use your first nomination as the basis and update it with your latest achievements.”

Anthony Glise, St. Joseph | 2006 Individual Artist