Arts & Economic Prosperity III (2008) by Americans for the Arts

The nonprofit arts and culture industry is a potent economic driver in Missouri communities—supporting jobs, generating government revenue, and stimulating tourism.

The impressive evidence of this economic strength is documented in Arts & Economic Prosperity III (2008): the Economic Impact of Arts and Culture Organizations and Their Audiences in the State of Missouri.

The Missouri Arts Council commissioned this study from Americans for the Arts, the country’s leading nonprofit organization working for the advancement of all the arts, as part of the nationwide Arts & Economic Prosperity III. The Missouri data were collected for fiscal year 2008, and the report released in 2009.

$1.07 billion in statewide economic activity

  • $510.2 million in direct expenditures by arts and culture organizations
  • An additional $562.5 million in event-related spending by audiences
  • 33,617 full-time equivalent jobs created
  • $742.9 million in household income paid to local residents
  • $110.6 million in revenue generated for state and local governments
Cover of Arts & Economic Prosperity III Study

For the full Missouri report, download as a PDF.

Total Economic Impact of the Nonprofit Arts and Culture Industry in Missouri

Total Expenditures$1,072,656,998$510,204,701$562,452,297
Full-time Equivalent Jobs33,61719,69013,927
Household Income Paid to Residents$742,875,000$413,237,000$329,638,000
State Government Revenue$65,542,000$23,231,000$42,311,000
Local Government Revenue$45,014,000$16,555,000$28,459,000
State + Local Government Revenue$110,556,000$39,786,000$70,770,000

Cultural Tourism: Visitors Spend More

More than 20.4 million people attended nonprofit arts and culture events in Missouri produced by 420 organizations during FY2015. Audience members from outside Missouri spent an average of 36% more per person than did Missouri residents—$34.77 vs. $24.90—especially on transportation, lodging, and meals.

Event-Related Spending by Arts and Cultural Audiences in Missouri (not including the cost of event admission)

Total Event Attendance20,447,02614,435,6006,011,426
Total Event-Related Spending$562,452,297$359,446,440$203,005,857
Average Dollars Spent per Attendee$27.50 average$24.90$33.77
Percent of Attendees100%70.6%29.4%

How the Study Was Created

420 Missouri Organizations | Americans for the Arts collected Missouri data for Arts & Economic Prosperity III from 420 nonprofit arts and culture organizations. Each provided detailed budget information about more than 40 expenditure categories for fiscal year 2008 (e.g., labor, payments to local and non-local artists, operations, materials, facilities, and asset acquisition) as well as total attendance figures.

3,119 Audience Members | To measure the impact of audiences in Missouri, researchers collected data from 3,119 event attendees during 2008-09. The methodology was an audience-intercept survey, in which patrons complete a written survey about their event-related spending while attending the event. Standard statistical methods were then applied to the total attendance data reported by organizations for FY2008, yielding an estimate of arts-related spending by total attendees. The respondents were also asked to provide the ZIP code of their primary residence so researchers could distinguish between Missouri residents and non-residents.

For more details on the methodology and definitions of terms for Americans for the Arts’ economic studies, see the most recent Missouri data in Arts & Economic Prosperity 5